J.R. Mechanical Provides High Quality Repairs For Optimum Equipment Performance.

We have the expertise to increase the performance and reliability of your rotating equipment and are customer focused approach provides solutions to meet your needs.

We have solid machining experience and can manufacture new parts or repair worn parts for optimal performance.

J.R. Mechanical offers competitive quotes, on-time/on-budget repairs and provide added value as we conduct progressive inspections and diagnosis of equipment to recommend the best solution.

We constantly review training and the industry best practices in safety and efficiency to continually improve our process. We deliver the highest quality, on specification and on time projects to create significant value for our customers.

Quality Repairs

Industrial Machinery • Pumps • Steam Turbines

Our competent technicians provide high quality repairs for optimum equipment performance. Our knowledge of rotating equipment is the core we build upon to provide a full spectrum of equipment, which include:

Steam Turbines

Industrial Fin-Fan

High Speed Blowers

Re-Sleeve Bearing Housing

Hydraulic Cylinders

Splined Shafts

Vertical Pumps

Centrifugal Pumps

Horizontal Pumps

Industrial Machinery

Re-Sleeve Head Cylinder

Fabricate Shafts

Mechanical Seals

Bushing / Pulleys

Compressors and Unloaders